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Cargo Container Conversion

Refurbished 8X20 .png
Exteriors Of Conversion Containers

All of our Container conversions are designed to suit your specific requirements; we start every conversion by selecting a model type, & we then work with you to add any number of our endless features to get to your finished build! We can use both 20x8ft and 40x8ft shipping containers for a whole host of purposes from bespoke 1 & 2-bedroom housing projects to garden offices, workshops & more. 
The development and growth of container architecture are producing buildings that are aesthetically and visually stunning as well as functional 
solutions for sectors and challenges. it’s true to say that these container-building solutions are causing quite a stir.
With many years of experience in shipping container conversions, Maxim Prefab has the expertise to make your project successful. 
We transform the humble shipping container into highly adaptable space solutions for many purposes, including Homes, pop-up shop units, and cafes plus a full range of converted shipping containers into everything from portable offices to relocatable restaurants, and construction site accommodations. 
We create custom units for event spaces, showrooms as well as equipment stores, and portable classrooms for schools.

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