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A.C.P Covered Cabin

PORTA CABIN 10X15 cabin plane surface .png
Exteriors Of Portable A.C.P Covered Cabins

( Aluminum Composite Panel Known as A.C.P )

We cover the portable cabins with a self-colour 3mm thick aluminium composite panel which can protect portable metal sheets from corrosion and can increase cabin life.  The aluminium composite sheets are a premium product with two 0.30mm aluminium thick faces, sandwiching a polyethene core and come with a five-year manufacturer external guarantee.
Although lightweight, ACPs have incredible longevity and durability compared to other building materials. Moreover, most ACP sheet brands are environment-friendly and therefore contribute to sustainable development as they are made from over eighty per cent recycled aluminium material.

Available in many sheet sizes we used 1220 x 2440 and 1500 x 3000 sheets to ensure we used the material efficiently. Installation of the Portable cabin building wrap

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