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Maxim Prefab Prefabricated Homes

A prefab home is a home that is entirely or in part manufactured off-site and then transported to a property and assembled. Sometimes the entire home may be built in one piece in a factory. And other times, parts of the home like wall panels or bathroom pods are built in a factory and then assembled on-site.

Options For Fabricated Homes

Porta Cabin



Shipping Container


PREFAB HOME 40'X22'fts -21.jpg

Prefabricated Homes

Our Products & Service
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.......PH599 ....400Sqft    

Prefab Home 20x20 2.png LOGO ROUND 22NXgrey.png

.......PH218 ....400Sqft    

prefab house 22X40 home .png LOGO ROUND 22NXgrey.png

.......PH883 ....880Sqft    

Prefab Home 20x20.png LOGO ROUND 22NXgrey.png

.......PH800 ....400Sqft    

PORTA CABIN 20X20 house .png LOGO ROUND 22NXgrey.png

.......PH911 ....400Sqft    

resort cabin .png LOGO ROUND 22NXgrey.png

.......PH318 ....200Sqft    

Prefab Home 16x16 Tiny .png LOGO ROUND 22NXgrey.png

.......PH296 ....400Sqft    

PORTA CABIN 8X30 container home .png LOGO ROUND 22NXgrey.png

.......PH741 ....400Sqft PREFAB HOMES OUR WORK.jpg

Prefabricated Unique Designer Home. Modular, Ecofriendly Sustainable Villa, Resort, Farmhouse PREFAB HOMES INTERIORS.jpg

Create your prefab dream home endless possibilities of modular home interiors.with various materials PREFAB HOMES SAMPLE.jpg

Stunning prefabricated houses designed by modern architects to inspire you to build one for your family. PREFAB HOMES CIVIL WORK.jpg

We specialize in undertaking erection of Pre Engineered buildings and the related Civil & Allied jobs PREFAB HOMES LAYOUTS.jpg

Some of our modular home floor plans offer a range of options that can be tailored to your specific needs PREFAB HOMES FABRICATION.jpg

We offer a vast gamut of fabrication services for outdoor and interior as per your specifications

Prefab Structure Dimensions & Specifications


Often more efficient than traditional buildings


Designed to meet and exceed all applicable safety standards


Moved and reconfigured in a variety of ways


Quick construction compared to traditional methods


Compared to traditional construction


Built to last and withstand weather from all seasons


Use sustainable materials and can be reused after use


Ready to meet the requirements of your industry

Prefab homes are constructed in a factory and then transported in pre-built sections to your home building site. Maxim prefab homes consist of panelized wall, roof, and floor components to expedite and simplify the building process of your new home.

Fully Customizable


Our entire house plan collection is fully customizable. Maxim Prefab Homes can modify any existing Maxim Prefab plan, design a complete custom home, or work from your architectural blueprints.


Possible with Metal Frame Design

Our prefab packages can be used on any house plan design including hotels, apartments, and light commercials. No matter what you're looking for, Maxim Prefab can adapt the panelized construction method to build the house of your dreams without breaking the bank.


Maxim Prefab is a leading provider of quality Prefab Homes across India. We are a growing force in the provision of quality new and pre-owned portable and modular buildings. We look to meet each customer's needs with our highly skilled and motivated staff who bare years of knowledge and experience.

We supply portable buildings to growing companies.

Your workspace challenges are our forte, making Maxim Prefab the industry expert in tailor-made prefab homes and modular buildings since 2009.

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