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Double Stacking Porta Cabins

PORTA CABIN 10X20 modular double daker .png
Exteriors Of Double Storey Cabins

Double Stacking Containers
double stacked portable cabins Depending on the size and use of your site, you may need your storage containers or site offices to be double-stacked. we work with have the ability to double stack but some may not so it is crucial that we are informed at the time of your inquiry if stacking will be required.

A Small Fee for Double Stacking
Our haulers do charge a small fee to double stack the containers and many will not stack the units.

Staircase needed for Double Stacked Portable Cabins
If your containers or accommodation units are being double stacked, you will also need a staircase or platform to access the higher unit. We can also provide these for you in different sizes and specifications.

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