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Portable F.R.P Cabins

Exteriors Portable F.R.P Cabin

F.R.P Cabins are quite easy to dismantle and reassemble and thus widely used as temporary offices and security guard rooms.

Advantages :

  • 100% weather resistant and waterproof

  • Long life and Durable

  • M.S. Angle Skeleton for extra strength

  • Have FRP-PU-FRP sandwich section which provides heat insulation 

  • Maintenance Free

  • Available in different colors and optional accessories

FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) cabins are another type of cabin that is commonly used for building security cabins, temporary offices for use on construction sites, and other similar uses. The fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) material is widely used due to its superior insulating characteristics. Upkeep is minimal because there is no need for painting or upkeep, and the wiring is concealed within the walls of the cabin.

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