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Portable Staff Quarter & Accommodations

PORTA CABIN 10X20 branding  .png
Exteriors Of Portable Staff Accommodation Cabin 

On-Site Staff Accommodation Built To Your Needs

Our space solutions enable you to combine standard space modules to create individual sleeping units in various sizes. Similarly, the units can be reused and expanded in various applications.

For instance, our accommodation units can include dining areas, recreation rooms, changing rooms and sanitary facilities with disabled access. We also offer a range of options to ensure comfort for all residents.

Portable site accommodation and site welfare cabins are a staple in a wide range of industries namely the construction, services, and manufacturing sectors as they are the ideal solution to facilitate expansion in the workplace both for office space and for the welfare of workers when on site the cabins can include site office space, toilets, showers, and kitchens.
Our range of new site accommodation portable cabins can be made to your unique requirements or we can supply one of our existing used portable buildings that are ideal for companies looking to move quickly to deal with new projects. can be equipped with bunk beds, inbuilt toilets 

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