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From a simple dream and sketch in a notepad to beautiful, practical architecture for life, we believe everything is possible when it comes to prefab home design.


Our team of experienced designers, carpenters and project managers are dedicated to creating not only the most eye-catching cabins but also innovative, playful spaces that improve the way people live, work or play. Together under one roof in our Madh Island workshop, we work collaboratively, finessing the build at every stage until the moment it’s placed on site.

Whether you’re looking for a cosy retreat in the woods, a spacious guest house, or a luxurious home away from home, we can bring your vision to life with our custom design and build service.

Bespoke architectural design is where it all began for us. We started Maxim Prefab to make good design available to everyone. Bringing carefully-considered, architectural details to smaller spaces in a completely new way.

1 Bhk Prefab House Plan

Sustainability:This prefab house is compact and efficient modular home design by Maxim Prefab. It consists of two modules, covering a total floor area of 58.5 square metres. The living area is 44.6 square metres, and there’s an additional deck area of 13.9 square metres. This design features a single bedroom and one bathroom, making it an ideal choice for individuals or couples looking for a modern, minimalist living space. The deck area provides an outdoor extension to the living space, perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

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2 Bhk Prefab House Plan

Sustainability:This Modular Home is a contemporary modular home design that offers a compact yet functional living space. Comprising three modules, the design features a total floor area of 91.8 square metres, with a living area of 66.7 square metres and a deck area of 25.1 square metres. The layout includes one bedroom and one bathroom, making it an ideal choice for individuals or couples seeking a modern and efficient living solution. The spacious deck area adds an outdoor living dimension, perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

3 Bhk Prefab House Plan

Sustainability:The entrance is made through the front door via a charming terraced porch. The long and well-lit corridor leads to the main room but also to independent closets, to separate facilities and two bedrooms. The house benefits from many storage room and spaces for functionality and comfort.

The main room is a completely open and spacious area. On the right side, facing the one-wall open kitchen, a large dinner table or a kitchen island with design bar stools can be installed. On the other side of the house, sofas, chairs and coffee table create a nice area for board games, discussion and relaxation.

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Flexibility and mobility

Portable cabins offer the advantage of easy relocation and reconfiguration, allowing you to adapt to changing requirements or move to different sites without the need for significant construction work. This flexibility makes them ideal for construction sites, events, remote locations, and temporary facilities.


Compared to traditional construction methods, portable cabins offer a more cost-effective solution. The streamlined manufacturing process and efficient use of materials result in reduced costs and shorter project timelines. Additionally, the option to hire portable cabins eliminates the need for long-term financial commitments, making them a flexible and economical choice.

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Quick installation

Our cabins are designed for rapid installation, minimising disruption to your business operations. The off-site construction process ensures that the units are pre-fabricated and ready to be delivered, saving valuable time and reducing on-site construction activities.

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Customisation and functionality

Our solutions can be customised to meet specific requirements. Whether you need office spaces, classrooms, healthcare facilities, or accommodation units, they can be tailored to meet your needs. The interior layouts, fixtures, and amenities can be designed to create functional and comfortable spaces.

Turnkey solution
On the right side, you can see our Turnkey solution that includes everything “from foundation to key”. 

We supply the foundation – either Concrete or Ground screws, depending on what is the best solution for your project. 
We supply the house – flat packed. 
We assemble the house.
We fit out the house completely – including taping, jointing, skirting, tiling, painting, flooring, etc.
We do the electrical wiring – supply and install.
We do the plumbing – supply and install.
We install the bathroom and shower/bathtub.
We install the heating system, depending on what you have chosen ( air source heat pump, electric radiators, individual wall heating units, etc).
We completed the Interior design, just as you told us you wanted it at the beginning.
We install the kitchen and the kitchen appliances.
You get your keys and you are ready to move in!

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