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Portable Security Cabins

PORTA security CABIN 10X6 modular .png
Exteriors Of Portable Security Cabin

Security Cabin or Guard Kiosks are a standard portable cabin range of Huts or Kiosks from Security Huts, Guard Cabin, Ticket Kiosks, Guard Huts, and many more. Our Portable Security Cabin Range are ideal for keeping a site secure such as an office building or perfect for a car park run by a security guard 

Our Security Huts are robust complete steel construction, with a flat-sided steel external finish, painted with a high-grade external paint (similar to our Steel Cabins or storage container range). 
All of our Security Huts are supplied as a complete buildings ready for use. Supplied as standard with windows to all elevations, lined and insulated internally with lighting, heating and electrics. 
This provides an instantly useable very durable design in excellent condition and finish at a very competitive price.

Security Huts are manufactured in 3 standard sizes 
4 foot by 6-foot apx. (1.2 m by 1.8 m )
6 foot by 6-foot apx. (1.8 m by 1.8 m )
6 foot by 8-foot apx. (1.8 m by 2.4 m )
Bespoke sizes up to 10ft x 8ft (3m x 2.4m) can be manufactured to order, along with custom colours and other optional extras such as internal shelves.


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