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  • Committed to superior quality ,hardwork & results.

About Us

Established in 2009 Maxim Prefab has built an excellent reputation for delivering affordable and reliable portable accommodation and storage. This has resulted in significant and sustained company growth and the development of an enthusiastic and motivated team of more than 60 experienced and qualified people With our factory located in Malad, Mumbai, we deliver Portable Cabins and Prefab Homes all over India, and we have the products and knowledge to solve your portable storage and accommodation requirements.

Our expertise is on hand from quotation through to installation and beyond, with a promise to deliver your project on time and within budget. Whether you are a private individual needing a single storage container or a multinational requiring multiple units for a range of uses, we are committed to operating in the highest professional standards, with national and international systems and policies to help customers and suppliers.


Maxim Prefab has an extensive range of standard cabins that can be constructed to your specifications. Maxim Prefab offers an extensive range of Portable Cabin ablution Units, site offices, Security Cabin, Porta Cabin Toilet, Portable toilets in different standard pre-designed units to choose from, economical designs, and quality fitting and furnishings.


Maxim Prefab pride itself on its ability to design and create affordable, customized, and environmentally friendly portable buildings as well as professional requirements. This is why we continue to lead the way in modular buildings.


Service We Offer

  1. MaximPrefab Manufacturing, Installation Turnkey projects Water Proof & Fire Retardant Cabins manufacturing-5 year warranty -2room Kitchen / Toilet site offices, Security Cabin, Toilet Blocks, Labor Camps

  2. Portable Cabin maintenance work

  3. Plumbing works-GRP Water Tank / Septic tank supply & erections Pump & sewage line works

  4. Electrical / SMDB / Generator connections

  5. Cabin shifting works

  6. Boundary wall, leveling, compaction works, footpath, interlock fixing work.

  7. Hoarding fence, steel tanks fabrication works

Quality Management
View our Vision & Mission Statement

We are extremely proud of our Business Management System (BMS) which covers quality and environmental and health and safety processes, designed to meet your requirements.


Health & Safety

At Maxim Prefab we are committed to ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of all our employees, and will, so far as is reasonably practicable, establish the necessary procedures and systems to achieve this. The Company will provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment with the objective of minimizing occupational accidents and illnesses. We pay particular attention to Maintaining the workplace in a safe condition and providing adequate facilities and arrangements for welfare at work. Providing a safe means of access to, and egress from, the workplace. Ensuring the equipment and systems we provide are safe and maintained as required.
Committing to safety to health in connection with the use, handling, storage, and transport of articles and substances. Providing information, instructions, training, and supervision as necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of our employees and other persons. We also recognize our duty to protect the health and safety of all customers and visitors, including contractors and temporary workers, who may be affected by the Company’s work.


Equality & Diversity 
Maxim Prefab is an equal-opportunity employer and is fully committed to a policy of treating all of its employees and job applicants equally. The Company will avoid unlawful discrimination in all aspects of employment including recruitment and selection, promotion, transfer, opportunities for training, pay and benefits, other terms of employment, discipline, and selection for redundancy and dismissal.

We will take all reasonable steps to employ, train and promote employees on the basis of their experience, abilities, and qualifications without regard to age, Employees have a duty to cooperate with the Company to make sure that this policy is effective in delivering equal opportunities and in preventing discrimination. Action will be taken under the Company’s disciplinary procedure against any employee who is found to have committed an act of improper or unlawful discrimination. Serious breaches of this equal opportunities policy statement will be treated as potential gross misconduct and could render the employee liable to summary dismissal. Portable Space has a separate Dignity At Work policy statement that deals with harassment, bullying, and intimidation and sets out how complaints of this type will be dealt with.


Sustainable Procurement Policy 
We will challenge the need for the consumption of goods and services and promote recycling and reusing materials wherever possible. The costs/benefits of environmentally-preferable goods and services as alternatives will be considered, where possible taking the total cost ownership (including environmental factors) into account in the procurement decision. This may incorporate gathering environmental management data on goods and services including CO2 emissions.

Maxim Prefab will determine the environmental and corporate risks to the business in developing a sustainable supply chain whilst being committed to working with our supplier base. This may include identifying commodities and suppliers which share Maxim Prefab's sustainable procurement program and working with suppliers to reduce the environmental impacts of goods and services provided. 


Maxim Prefab promotes recycling and reusing materials wherever possible.


At MaximPrefab we provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment with the objective of minimizing occupational accidents and illnesses.


MaximPrefab values time and we aim to deliver each product on time to demonstrate our responsibilities to our clients.


We adopt open and honest communication at all levels of the company. We conduct our business with the highest level of ethical standards.


MaximPrefab is dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services.


We Provide all kind of maintenance and re installation service for our clients


We believe in the importance of good value, whether simple cabins or state-of-the-art prefab buildings. Whatever your budget, we have a cost-effective solution to match.


We customize structures according client requirment,design ,sizes,and colors

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