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If Have you just purchased a new cabin, or planning to add more office space by the use of a modular building?

Maxim Prefab Services offer a full start-to-finish service that includes:

  • Foundations – Can be arranged to meet your full requirements.

  • Transportation – Can be arranged for relocation of all units.

  • Cabin installation by crane or truck-mounted cranes – This will be carried out by our fully trained and qualified team under strict health and safety guidelines.

  • Electrical installation and plumbing services – Will be arranged to meet your requirements

  • Ramps, steps, and access systems to the building – Will be erected or constructed for safe access into the building.

Makeup Room 10fts X 40fts With 5 Compartments X 10fts x 8fts.jpg

How we can help
At Maxim Prefab, we provide a full, cost-effective relocation service for all portable and modular structures, and our service is designed to provide you with the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing your building is in safe hands.

Whether you need to move a building 100m across your site, or from one end of the country to the other, you’ll benefit from a full service, from the disconnection and dismantling, right up to final installation, and the reconnection of all utilities.

With experience in the transport and installation of a full range of portable and modular buildings, we work quickly, safely, and efficiently to minimize hassle, downtime, and disruption in your organization.

Our highly trained, professional teams work carefully to protect your building throughout every step of the process, whilst maintaining the highest safety standards and working to all relevant Indian R.T.O regulations.

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